7 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Haven’t Heard Before


Weddings are an awesome way in which families gather to share their love and celebrate a union. However, what most of us don’t see is that there is hidden competition between families that isn’t always apparent on the surface, but each family strives to outdo one another in some way or the other.

No one wants their wedding to be snooze fest for their wedding guests – they want compliments, and a lot of it! How do you get the network buzzing? How do you get free PR for the wedding of the year – voila! A crazy idea is born.

When rivalry sparks, this gives way to some usual themes and celebrations that you may not have even heard of – some even running into thousands of dollars. This compilation will give you seven ideas of entertainment at weddings that you haven’t heard before.

One – Unique Music and Dance Acts

This is when the wedding couple will hire a dance instructor to go live and teach the audience few simple steps that they can all do together for a synchronized dance. It helps if you have an ethnic background where you can always have a few moves that are specific to the culture. It will teach the audience something new and give them something to talk about! A tip to follow is not to allow the tutoring to exceed 15 minutes – guests are hungry, and there’s no secret that they’re here for the food.

Two – Bring on the Culture

If your partner belongs to another culture, it could be a great idea for the couple to perform something unique to ‘educate’ guests of the traditional customs. For example, if your intended spouse is Chinese, you can have a soiree of a traditional high tea ceremony where your bride can dress in a red-coloredgipao and a dark blue robe for the groom, this custom can be explained and then have a humorous narration to it.

Three – A Musical Duel

Many wedding parties have both a DJ and a band – why not stir in some healthy competition? Guests can pop their requests and both the DJ and band could take turns to battle it out. This way, the group will be entertained and you get the most out of your money where the entertainment is concerned.

Four – Harness the Inner Kid

Weddings are great – but what happens once the music is played, food is served and the champers run out? Why not incorporate a fun theme where the guests can have a petting zoo or a carnival themed wedding? There are also great ideas of having a foosball, mini golf turf, and a section for a few mini activities for the rambunctious ones. If you’re inviting kids to the wedding reception this could keep them entertained for hours!

Five – Games and Fun

If you don’t want any activities where guests can ‘get dirty’ – why not play a massive ‘never-have-I-ever’ where guests have to take shots if they have/haven’t engaged in the said activity. It will keep the guests hooting and having a lot of engagement; it’s great for a family wedding to bring out all the secrets.

Six – Let your Food entertain your Guests

We’re talking live stations of food for ethnic, dessert stations, and even make your pizza stations where guests can feel right at home ordering from a range of fun food. Many will love a seated banquet, but think how outrageous it will be to have an ice cream tepan or a live salad station dishing out your preferences! Your wedding will surely be the talk of the town and be an even that will benchmarked for so many others.

Seven – Corporate Entertainment

We’re talking of a new age contemporary violinist Asher, who has twenty five years of experience under his belt. He can also improvise into many other musical instruments and even play Electronic Dance Music, Bollywood music, and just about any genre that will keep the party pumping. As a one man show, this great entertainer has played in many prestigious events and having him perform live at your wedding will surely be a stunning event that will keep all your guests dancing and having the time of their lives.

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